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    Welcome To The TuneLings Store! You are logged in as: You can search for text (song or artist name, etc.), or filter by category (genre, instrument, difficulty, etc.):

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    The TuneLings Store has had a major update, and requires a new version of this application. You cannot purchase new TuneLings until you update this  application to version 0.52 or newer. Please visit  in your normal web browser to download the latest version! Please be sure to replace this version with the newest one!

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    Sorry, the requested download file cannot be found. Please help us to correct the problem by reporting it to RETURN TO PURCHASE CONFIRMATION PAGE

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    Thank you for your purchase! Click the button below to download. When downloading is complete, your TuneLing(s) and audio file(s) will be installed in your Media Library. The first TuneLing in your purchase will be selected, and you’ll see a summary page describing its content. Always check out the summary, there’s lot’s of good information…

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