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Welcome To The TuneLings Project!

The TuneLings App version 0.72 was released on September 21, 2020.
This release improves authoring support in many ways, and fixes many small bugs. 

Click here to download the latest version!

Fantastic new release!

We’re thrilled to announce the worldwide release of Jason Berk’s STUNNING new album “Strangers” – on September 4, 2020. It’s available now in the TuneLings Store, and you can name your own price!

Jason is a very special talent. He wrote all the songs, sang, played almost all instruments, recorded, mixed and mastered it all himself, and you will be FLOORED. Lots of musicians do that – no one else does it this well. (Well, OK, Todd Rundgren used to do that, long ago.)

This is a classic pop album, 12 masterfully-written songs in different styles, that catch your ear immediately and grow on you more and more with each listen.

We have TuneLings for guitar for every song, and ukulele on several (more to come). Uke players, you will love “Daisy” – written and recorded on uke, a blast to play, and not too difficult.

Most of the TuneLings were actually made by Jason himself!

We’ve started pricing releases on a “name your price” basis, because times are tough for everyone. If you could use a big fat package of musical joy but can’t spare the dough, we gotcha covered. Enjoy!

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Introducing the TuneLings Sampler!

Now you can get playing right away, with a curated collection of music and TuneLings from our outstanding artists, on a pay-what-you-want basis! If you want it for free, that’s OK – our artists will still be paid!

You need the TuneLings app to get the collection, of course, and you can visit our sampler page to learn about the collection by clicking right here.

Sampler Album Graphic

The short video below explains why the Coronavirus pandemic makes TuneLings matter more than ever – please check it out. Because of the pandemic, at this time we are paying 100% of net proceeds, for all sales, directly to the artists. 

New Messiahs Album cover

It’s a big world, so we’re delighted to tell you that we have our first-ever TuneLing from a UK-based band, New Messiahs. Their new song Nobody Wants Me (‘Til I’m Taken) is now available in the TuneLings Store, and it’s really fun to play!

The Brothers Landau have remastered their gorgeous song Haven’t Got A Name, and will be releasing an EP with the same title in the near future. The new version of the song is in the TuneLings Store now, and it has a unique, not-too-difficult guitar part, that is really fun to play! Get the app, get playing, and get happy!

Borther Landau single graphic

OK, how cool is this? The Lickerish Quartet’s outstanding new 4-song EP is now available in the TuneLings Store! The band participated in making the Tunelings, so they’re accurate, and man, are they fun to play!

And check this out – the world’s first-ever TuneLings-based lyric video, for Bluebird’s Blues! The TuneLing in this video shows only lyrics and chords, but the ones in the Store have lots more detail.

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Get $3.00 off any purchase from the TuneLings Store!

Use the discount code FIRST3BUCKSOFF at payment time (artists will still be paid). It’s a one-time-use code, so grab at least $3.00 worth of TuneLings to get the full value. Then tell us what you think.

The TuneLings Store is open!

Excellent music is available now, from The Lickerish Quartet,
Rob Laufer, Freedy Johnston, The Brothers Landau, Brian Ray, and others!

GET THE APP, and you’ll be playing along in minutes.

Want to understand more? Here’s a bit more background…

A TuneLing is a digital product, made by a musician, and sold online.

It’s a file containing detailed musical information about a particular recording (i.e. a song), but it’s completely separate from that recording. To use or create TuneLings, you need the TuneLings Application (currently available for MacOS, from this site). It plays the song, using its matching TuneLing to create a perfectly synchronized, animated play-along display, which teaches how to play it. Currently, TuneLings support any type of stringed instrument, like guitar, ukulele, bass guitar (and all others), and can address learning needs at all skill levels, from beginners to pros.

As a learning tool, a TuneLing is uniquely powerful. Our feature set is innovative, and always growing; TuneLings can do a lot now, but our roadmap for future capabilities is kinda mind-blowing.

But that’s not our most important distinction.

What really sets us apart is our business philosophy. The Internet has made most of the world’s recorded music accessible to everyone, at little or no cost. But that has devastated the livelihoods of artists, and there’s no turning back – so musicians need new ways to earn income.

The TuneLings platform is fighting back in a constructive way, by creating an entirely new product, worth paying a modest price for. And importantly, TuneLings are crowd-sourced – they can be made by anyone with musical skill, and can be sold with or without the recording they’re based on. Whoever makes the TuneLing, gets paid when it sells.

In short: everything – it’s all you need, whether you’re a learner, artist, or teacher. It’s a powerful audio player, with features like independent speed and pitch controls, looping and much more. It plays TuneLings, perfectly synced to audio, providing a customizable animated visual display. It houses the TuneLings Store, where learners can get new TuneLings. It contains all the “authoring” functionality need to make TuneLings, and publish them for sale. You can get it from the Download page on this site, for free, now.

Bonus: the app’s advanced playback controls work for any audio file, even without a matching TuneLing. That alone makes the TuneLings application a valuable tool for any musician, on any instrument, and it’s free.

We informally call TuneLings a “platform”, because it’s a set of technologies that allow anyone to create, sell, buy and use TuneLings. TuneLings can differ wildly in style and content – so there’s a big opportunity for authors to be creative – and to be recognized and rewarded for that. “TuneLings” is a platform, because other things are built on top of it, and the richness of those things can grow over time.

“The TuneLings Project” is a very specific way of introducing TuneLings to the world, incorporating our public “Beta” software release. The Project focuses on selling TuneLings, bundled with high-quality music downloads, from respected independent artists and labels. The audio files will be playable on any device, and will be sold along with their TuneLings for a single price (which is set by the artist). There will also be free TuneLings available for major-label artists’ music (without free audio files), but more on this later.

One goal of the Project is to test our Beta software, web services, and commerce infrastructure. But the more important goal is to create “mindshare”. We need artists and their fans – especially the learners amongst them, to try TuneLings, and help us make it the best that it can be. We think you’ll agree that not only is this a fun, effective way to learn how to play, but it’s also an entirely new way for musicians to earn income, and interact with their fans – and it benefits us all.

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