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Pricing: currently, all products are on a "name your price" basis. The displayed prices are "suggested" - the Add-To-Cart button will change to reflect your price, if you enter one.

Most proceeds go directly to artists, so please pay fairly if you can, but right now, you can help yourself for free, if you need to.

Products are listed alphabetically by Artist Name, one row per product. There are two categories of Artists:

  1. TuneLings Artists are actively participating in the project. TuneLings for their songs will be very richly-featured, and will include high-quality permanent audio downloads, playable on any device (functionally identical to iTunes Store tracks). Each of these tracks will display audio player controls, allowing you to hear a one-minute preview of the song. Click on the artist's name, and you'll see a popup window with a bit of information about the artist!
  2. Everyone Else will have "Bring Your Own Audio" (or BYOA) TuneLings, which require you to provide your own copy of the necessary audio file. Each track of this type will display a "Get It On iTunes" button, which will take you directly to the iTunes Store, automatically selecting the correct track for purchase. These TuneLings will also have some minor limitations, but they still provide a fantastic play-along experience.

In the list of available tracks, rows with a black background are entire albums or EPs ("collections"). Tracks within each collection are listed underneath, with a gray background.

You can buy any combination of single tracks, or the entire collection.

Rows with dark-colored backgrounds are "singles" - individual tracks. The purple ones are TuneLings Artists, the blue ones are Everyone Else (BYOA Artists).

Lastly, please help to spread the word about TuneLings, and we'd love to hear from you!

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