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Howard Soroka (BMus, MSCS), CEO,  founded Little Engines Group in 2011. He has over 30 years of experience in software engineering, systems design, product development, business development and management, and is principal inventor on four music-related US patents. He specializes in digital media, especially music and audio products and applications, and has worked for GML Inc. (George Massenburg Labs), Philips Media, and Universal Music Group, and has consulted extensively for media, entertainment and (believe it or not) aerospace industries. And oh yeah, he plays guitar and “sings” in Sexy Black, LA’s Most Uncomplicated Rock And Roll Band.

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Christine (Chris) Angelli (BSCS), VP of Engineering, is a computer scientist with over 25 years of extensive experience at cutting edge technology companies including Philips Media, Silicon Graphics, GeoCities (Yahoo), Boingo, Sonic Solutions, Rovi, and others, as well as considerable consulting time for multiple clients. She has been an engineer deep in the trenches, as well as an engineering manager and product manager, in businesses both large and small. There are probably no problems in software engineering that she can’t solve, but more than anything else, she likes to take clever ideas and turn them into fantastic products.