Using TuneLings (Legacy Videos)

Note: The user-training videos on this page are still available, but they’re a bit dated. Accordingly, we recommend using the TuneLings App’s built-in Help menu instead – that will be easier and faster! 

Our training videos are available as YouTube playlists. To select a specific video, click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the video window to choose from the full playlist, as illustrated below:

Youtube controls

(Note: if you don’t see the little menu icon on the upper left, check the other corners of the video window – sometimes YouTube moves things around!)

Most of our current training videos were made using an older “Alpha” version of our app. They’re still correct (and you should watch them!), but our current “Beta” version does have some new features and minor cosmetic differences. We have (quickly and artlessly) prepared a few new videos, which discuss these minor differences. Please watch this UPDATED INFORMATION playlist first!

UPDATED information video(s)

This playlist is in order of importance: everyone should watch the first video about buying TuneLings, the second one is essentially an addendum to the original set, discussing minor changes and new features, and the third one is slightly redundant with the older set, but might be enough for the adventurous user who just wants to dive in and ignore the full video set, and figure things out on the fly.

YouTube player

TuneLings USER Training videos

This is the original set of fairly comprehensive videos made for our earlier Alpha release – they’re still applicable, and cover a lot of detail.

YouTube player

TuneLings AUTHOR Training videos

We’ve moved and re-organized our author training videos, and are continuing to enhance them and add new information. You’ll find them under the Help menu, from the submenu Documentation – > How To Make TuneLings.

Our short “marketing” cartoon

If you know nothing about TuneLings, this is an easy-to-digest (kinda cute!) introduction.

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