TuneLings For Artists

The TuneLings Project is great for artists, especially those who control their copyrights.

  • If you control your recording copyright, we can sell your recordings along with TuneLings, and pay you for both. This also makes the learner’s experience seamless and fast, and delivers great value.
  • If you control your publishing copyright, we can include synchronized lyrics, and animated melody (when appropriate), in your TuneLings.

Reasons to participate in The TuneLings Project:

  • The TuneLings platform benefits the whole community of artists, musicians, teachers, learners – and even labels! Our business model is equitable, and sustainable. There’s no down-side, “disruption”, or losers.
  • You set the price for the combination of your music and your TuneLings, and you get paid fairly for both.
  • There’s no risk. Initially, you don’t even have to make TuneLings – we’ll do that for you, for free.
  • Indies need new sources of income. You can think of TuneLings as “digital merch” – but in many ways, far better than physical goods.
  • You can benefit from any positive publicity that The TuneLings Project generates, and help to create it.
  • TuneLings bring artists and fans closer together.

What we ask of you:

  • Authorize us to sell your recordings (your sound recording copyright), and to display lyrics and melody onscreen in TuneLings (your publishing copyright). You may, for any reason, ask us to remove your music from the TuneLings Store, and we will comply promptly.
  • When we make TuneLings on your behalf, we ask that you spend a little “editorial” time with us, to verify accuracy, and add or change anything you’d like. This guarantees a great experience for the user (and it’s actually fun). 
  • Publicize your support for TuneLings, to the extent you’re willing and able, in your online, media and general PR activities. This is reciprocal – we will try to bring positive attention to participating artists and labels, within TuneLings.com, the TuneLings Store, and our own 3rd-party media efforts.

When you don’t have copyright control…

  • If you don’t control all your copyrights, we can still sell TuneLings for your music. There might be some constraints as to their content, but they’ll still be very useful and desirable. Every artist’s situation is different, so please get in touch with us (you can use the form below), and we’ll be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.
  • Lack of copyright control does not preclude your being paid, regardless of existing arrangements with labels and publishers.

how to get started:

Please use the form below, to tell us about yourself.

We’ll get back to you very quickly by email. If you’d prefer a phone call or text message, just mention that in your note, and be sure to include your contact information.


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