Download The Free TuneLings Application Here!

Please read this carefully:

This is “Beta” software which means it may be missing features, and may have “bugs” or other issues. It is however, safe, effective, and fun!

System Requirements:

Any Macintosh computer running MacOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher.

How to Install:

Click on the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of this page. Open the downloaded .dmg file – this will open a window on your screen and mount a “virtual disk” on your desktop. In the window, drag the TuneLings application into the Applications folder. You can then eject the virtual disk.

How to Run:

Double-click the TuneLings application after moving it to your Application folder. (You can also put it in your dock, and generally treat it just like any other MacOS app.)

The first time the app runs, you’ll be asked to confirm your intent to run an application downloaded from the Internet, similar to the illustration at right. This is a MacOS security feature (and a good thing). Click the Open button.

You’ll then be asked for your email address. Enter it, then you’ll receive a confirmation email containing a link, to confirm the address and create your TuneLings account. Your email address will never be sold, traded, or otherwise divulged to anyone.

Download App message

If you see a message similar to the one on the right, your Mac’s security setting is set too restrictively (even Apple doesn’t normally do this). You can fix this in the Security and Privacy panel of your Mac’s System Preferences. Change the setting to allow apps downloaded from the App Store and identified developers (we are an identified developer), then you’ll be able to run TuneLings.

Download App message

Installation Video:

If you’re familiar with installing MacOS Apps, you’ll have no trouble installing the TuneLings App. If you want a little extra guidance, just watch this very quick video, illustrating the process, and what to do once you’re up and running. You can watch the video in full-screen mode to see the details better, if you like.

Be sure to click the big blue downoad button below the movie window – not the button within the movie!
Scroll all the way down to see it!

Mobile users: please revisit this page using your MacOS computer to get the TuneLings App, and start playing today!

Click here to download the TuneLings Application:

Once you have downloaded and installed the TuneLings Application, click on the TuneLings Cloud (upper left column in the App window) to find our Help information and latest news. Thanks!