Chapter 14 – Assemble A Chart With Quantization

UPDATED Information about this video:

  • We’ve added the Modify Chart Components button to the editing controls for Chart channels. This will bring up the familiar channel selection dialog for the chart, allowing you to change the selected Rhythm, Instrument or Lyrics channels that comprise the Chart.
  • We’ve added the following two new features to the Quantization dialog. (Both of these require you to enter a numeric value – so remember to type Return or TAB after entering that value, so the App will “see” your changes).
    • Set Arbitrary Duration (beats): this will change the duration of the selected points to the value selected, measured in beats. Fractions of beats can be entered as decimal values, such as 0.5 for a half-beat.
    • Reduce Durations by: this will shorten the duration of the selected points by the number that you enter, measured in milliseconds. An example of this would be a pattern of one single note, repeated some number of times, but articulated legato, not staccato (a one-note ostinato). If there’s no time between each pair of notes in the pattern, it will just appear as one continuous note onscreen. You can shorten all of the relevant notes by a fixed amount, for example, 25 milliseconds, to provide enough time for the note to rapidly disappear, then reappear, so that the articulation can be seen.


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