Teaching With TuneLings

The TuneLings Platform provides opportunity for serious teachers, much like it does for independent artists. (Sometimes, they’re one and the same!).

Modern audio technology allows anyone with a little money, skill and passion to create recordings of excellent quality, and lots of teachers do exactly that. If you make play-along tracks for your students, you can make them better with TuneLings, and sell them to a global market.

No matter the style of music, if your recording does not contain copyrighted melody or lyrics, you can sell that recording – it does not infringe copyright. For example, you can create a play-along recording of the chords of any jazz standard, without lyrics or melody, and sell it, bundled with a powerful TuneLing, at a price of your choosing. You might also do this with original play-along exercises, alternate chord arrangements for popular songs, or other audio teaching aids you create.

Because TuneLings support advanced features (display of chords, melodies, scales, apeggios, multiple/alternative chord voicings, etc.), it’s possible to create a TuneLing that appeals to sophisticated students – like Jazz guitar majors at university level, or even pros.

If this interests you, please contact us! We’d love to help you get started, and we think you’ll appreciate this opportunity to reach a global audience, and get paid for it.