Why A Blog? (First post!)

The TuneLings Project is successful only if it gets people to play music. So the posts you’ll read on this blog will be in support of that, and will discuss topics such as:

  • How artists think about their work: we often have the privilege of talking to artists directly about their music, and their insights are often surprising.
  • Understanding song structure: we analyze and explain song form without requiring knowledge of music theory, in a way that makes it easier to learn to play them.
  • How to get different forms of expression out of a single instrument (non-standard tunings and configurations, etc.).
  • Special playing techniques (which often make playing easier, not harder!).
  • How to approach playing with other people.
  • How to make difficult-seeming music playable by novice players.

Additionally, because The TuneLings Project’s primary mission is to create new income for musicians, we may also talk about the economics of the modern music industry, how that impacts the artist, and how music lovers can help.

Also, we like funny stuff. So there will be some of that too.

The rules of the blog are very simple:

  • No bad behavior. Disrespectful or inappropriate posts of any kind will be swiftly and silently eliminated (we don’t expect this to be a problem).
  • Please, comment! You will not need any membership to do so, but we’ll need a real email address from you (use the same one you use for the TuneLings app, if possible). At least initially, all comments will be moderated before being posted to the site.

Please encourage everyone you’ve ever known to read this blog.

Thank you!