Play-Along Videos

A real TuneLing is not a video – it’s a rich interactive experience, with powerful playback features like independent speed and pitch controls, looping, support for many instruments, customizable visuals, and much more. 

But we’re happy to offer these videos, especially for folks without a MacOS computer, so they can still enjoy and learn to play great music.

Some of these are elaborate: mashups of a TuneLing’s animated content, with conventional video footage (e.g. Bluebird’s Blues and others). Some are quite simple: just a screen recording of a TuneLing playing in the app, with no additional video elements.

These videos are on YouTube, so they’ll play on any device, and they’re free!

We group these videos into playlists – see below!

(If you’re looking for our user-training videos, click hereIf you’re interested in making TuneLings, click here for our author-training videos.)

These videos have lots of detail, so they look best in full-screen mode.
Click this playlist icon (top row of video window) to see all available songs:

Youtube Playlist icon

Assorted Videos from multiple artists:

Videos for Beau Bow de Lune and Val McCallum:

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