Lyrics-and-Chords Videos

Artists often use simple “lyric videos” to make their music easily accessible on YouTube or similar platforms.

Here’s something better: we take existing video footage for an artist’s song, and “mash it up” with animated chords and lyrics from a TuneLing, to create a Lyrics-and-Chords video!

Bluebird’s Blues, by The Lickerish Quartet, is the first one we made, and it’s a bit more elaborate than most. People seem to really like these, so here’s a YouTube playlist of the ones we’ve done so far.

A real TuneLing is not a simple video – it’s an interactive experience, much richer than any video could ever be. TuneLings have powerful playback features like independent speed and pitch controls and looping, support for many instruments (including ukulele and mandolin), customizable visuals, and much, much, much more.

But we’re happy to offer these mashups, especially for folks without a MacOS computer, so they can still enjoy, and even play along with great music from our excellent artists.

MacOS users can download the FREE TuneLings app from this site, and use our freebie offer to get started with the real thing, at no cost!


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