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Thanks for registering at! Please explore the site, grab the app, check out the videos, tell all your friends! Thank you for supporting music, and musicians, and we welcome your feedback!

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For Learners The TuneLings App is a play along power-tool, easy for beginners to use, but sophisticated enough for very advanced musicians. You will learn songs correctly, at your own pace, playing along with original recordings. Discover new music from extraordinary independent artists,…


Frequently Asked Questions What’s a TuneLing? Technically, a TuneLing is a digital file containing detailed information about the musical content of a specific recording. The TuneLings App uses the recording, and its TuneLing, to teach you how to play a…

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Introducing: The TuneLings Sampler!   You’ll find the sampler at the bottom of the TuneLings Store page, within the TuneLings App – and it’s FREE, if you want it to be! Start playing right now, with this collection of truly…

Lyrics-and-Chords Videos

Play-Along Videos A real TuneLing is not a video – it’s a rich interactive experience, with powerful playback features like independent speed and pitch controls, looping, support for many instruments, customizable visuals, and much more.  But we’re happy to offer…

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Please Join Us! Step one: Subscribe to our email list using the form below, to build a community of people who care about music. We’ll never sell or give away your email address, and unsubscribing will always be easy. Step…


Using TuneLings Note: The user-training videos on this page are still available, but they’re a bit dated. Accordingly, we recommend using the TuneLings App’s built-in Help menu instead – that will be easier and faster!  Our training videos are available as…

Join Our Artists

The TuneLings Project for Artists:A Win/Win Proposition The TuneLings Project is great for artists, especially those who control their copyrights. If you control your recording copyright, we can sell your recordings along with TuneLings, and pay you for both. This also…


  If you know nothing about TuneLings, this short cartoon is an easy-to-digest introduction to our platform. There’s much more to TuneLings than you’ll see here, but this is a good place to start.

The TuneLings Project for Teachers

TuneLings for Teachers The TuneLings Platform provides opportunity for serious teachers, much like it does for independent artists. (Sometimes, they’re one and the same!). Modern audio technology allows anyone with a little money, skill and passion to create recordings of…