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Known Issues

This page lists the problems/bugs/issues that we are aware of in the TuneLings application, along with workarounds, solutions, etc.

If you experience any technical issues with this software, it’s a good idea to check this page first – you might find an explanation or solution quickly.

Bad metronome timing in song countoff clicks

The first time a TuneLing is played during a session, it is possible that the timing of the countoff metronome clicks will be a little off – too close together. The solution is very simple, just stop and restart playback, once. This will only happen the very first time playback is started, and it appears to be a performance issue – it does not happen as much, or at all, on faster computers.

Slow response to purchase button in the Store

When a user clicks the blue purchase button for an item in the Store, it should turn into a spinning circle, then turn into a white Checkout button. On occasion, it will simply spin for a seemingly long time, and not change into the Checkout button. When this happens, simply click on the TuneLings Cloud (top left of the navigation panel), wait for it to appear, then select the Store once again. You’ll then need to click the desired purchased button again, and it should work correctly. However, it is always normal for there to be some delay before the Checkout button appears – at least a few seconds, sometimes more. A minute, however, is definitely too long, and one should use the above work-around if that happens.

Chords have no dots, or nothing happens when playback starts

This happens quite rarely, but the solution is simple. Just reload the current View by selecting some other View (or the Cloud, Store or Library), then re-select the first View.