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Here’s All the TuneLings news That’s Fit To Click…

For users of older Macs:

The TuneLings App’s compatibility with with MacOS versions 10.10 (Yosemite) and 10.11 (El Capitan) is nearing its end-of-life. Currently, TuneLings will play as they should on these operating systems. However, purchases in the TuneLings Store may not work (they might “hang”), and some elements of the TuneLings Cloud pages such as “Tables Of Contents”, and drop-down menus at the tops of pages may not work. Users should update their MacOS versions to the latest version possible, to maintain full functionality.

That said, the App is fully compatible with all versions of MacOS from 10.12 (Sierra) onward, up through 13.0 (Ventura), including on Macs using the new Apple M-series of processors!

(If you need it, you can get the latest version of this app here.)

Latest Releases

Paul McCartney and Wings – Jet and No Words

Two cuts from the 1973 classic album Band On The Run. Jet is about as big a hit as ever was, and No Words is an unusual but lovely ballad, and not too difficult. BYOA, name your price…

Paul McCartney and Wings Band on the Run Album Cover In-App Splash
They Might Be Giants – So Crazy For Books

They Might Be Giants have made a lot of great music for kids, as well as adults, with the same clever humor and irresistable hooks. This one is for guitar and ukulele. BYOA, name your price…

Why In-App Splash
Chris Stapleton – Tennesee Whiskey and You Should Probably Leave

Here are two simple, masterful modern country/soul classics featuring the always stunning vocals of Chris Stapleton. Timeless, and fairly easy to play. BYOA, name your price…

Chris Stapleton - Traveller - Album Cover
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World

This hit medley is a special treat for the Ukulele/Hawaii buffs out there, and we have it for both Uke and Guitar. The late “IZ”, or “Bruddah”, had the voice of an angel, and was a singular force in Hawaiian culture. BYOA, name your price…

Facing Future In-App Splash
NRBQ – I Want You Bad

Often called “the world’s greatest bar band”, NRBQ is the essence of Pure Fun Rock And Roll music. This one is not too hard to play, but there’s a subtle sophistication to NRBQ songs that keeps them from being predictable. BYOA, name your price…

IWantYouBad In-App Splash
Derek and The Dominoes – Bell Bottom Blues

For the BYOA TuneLing fan, here’s an absolute classic from the album “Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs”. Not terribly difficult to play, and timeless. BYOA, name your price…

Album cover image
Glen Campbell: Two classic hits

Two smash hits from the late 60s, both written by Jimmy Webb: By The Time I Get To Phoenix, and Wichita Lineman. Both of these gorgeous songs are not terribly difficult, despite using more sophisticated chords than you’ll usually see. BYOA, name your price…

Glen Campbell Greatest Hits In-App Splash
The Lickerish Quartet: Threesome Volume 2

It’s here! The second EP from the band that put TuneLings on the map – every bit as awesome as Volume 1, yet completely different. Check them out in the Store, name your price, and prepare to rock your butt off while learning from the masters.

SnollygosterGoon PREVIEW m4a image In-App Splash
Doublepluspop: Free Love, Knocked Out

Two more killer power-pop gems from Dallas’ best-kept secret! These TuneLings were again made by the band’s guitarist Jon Lenzer, so they’re really accurate. Time to do your rock guitar homework! Released on a “name your price” basis.

Free Love B W Knocked Out SMALLER In-App Splash
The Brothers Landau: Haven’t Got A Name

The Brothers Landau have remastered their gorgeous song Haven’t Got A Name, and released an exquisite 4-song EP of the same name. The new version is in the Store now, on a “name your price” basis.

HGAN Single 600px In-App Splash
Val McCallum: Ridgerunner, Shotgun and Bombshell

Two superb songs in the Americana genre, with stunning harmony vocal by Shelby Lynne! Both TuneLings include complete parts for guitar, ukulele and mandolin. Released on a “name your price” basis.

C42A05BA BF55 47AD 81B2 B063B57FD500.ShotgunandBombshell In-App Splash
Doublepluspop: Too Loud Too Fast Too Much

Complete album – 12 excellent rock/power-pop songs, including a rocking cover of Todd Rundgren’s classic “Couldn’t I just Tell You”Released on a “name your price” basis.

Doublepluspop Too Fast album over In-App Splash
Jason Berk: Strangers

A modern classic pop album! Guitar parts for every song, and ukulele on several (more to come). Uke players, you will love “Daisy” – written and recorded on uke, a blast to play, and not too difficult. Released on a “name your price” basis.

Strangers 2 scaled 1 In-App Splash


The TuneLings Blog is live, on the main site ( It took a while for us to realize that a blog is actually a good idea. The posts will be all about music – our artists, their releases, and most of all, how to approach playing it. Your questions and comments are encouraged!

It’s on the main site because we want it to be accessible to everyone – not just the users of this app. So tell your friends and family, enemies, strangers, and music-loving pets to check it out please.

Big News Item: BYOA (Bring Your Own Audio) TuneLings!

TuneLings can be (legally!) made for almost any recording! We’re now officially supporting the BYOA concept, by offering TuneLings for songs by Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Fountains of Wayne, and LOTS more (on the way!). 

The BYOA concept is important, and it’s fully explained on our separate BYOA support page.

Our first batch of BYOA TuneLings is available in The TuneLings Store now, on a Name Your Price basis! Check ’em out!

Free Stuff!

Get $3.00 off any purchase from the TuneLings Store! Use the discount code FIRST3BUCKSOFF at payment time. It’s a one-time-use code, so grab at least $3.00 worth of TuneLings to get the full value. Artists will still be paid! 

More About Money – Who Gets What?

As of now, 100% of net proceeds from TuneLing sales (the retail price minus small Paypal fees) will go to the artists, or the TuneLing’s creator (for BYOA TuneLings), or to a charity that they designate. At this time, will not retain any proceeds.

While much of The Store’s inventory is available on a “name your price” basis, rest assured that if you can pay, the artist will benefit. Whether or not you can pay, you can defnitely help us out by spreading the word – tell your friends and family about TuneLings!

(If you see songs priced at $100,000 – that’s not an error. They’re simply pending artists’ approval, and not yet released.)

Software Update

TuneLings App version 0.80 was released on August 6, 2022.  Please update to this version at your earliest opportunity.  Some TuneLings to be released in the near future will require this updateGet the new version at, and simply replace the older version with it.


More news…

Lyric Videos are a thing! Turns out, people like them even more when they’re lyrics-and-chords videos. We’ve made some already for The Lickerish Quartet, Jason Berk, and Rob Laufer, Val McCallum, Beau Bow de Lune, and we’ll be releasing a bunch more shortly. They can all be found on the TuneLings Facebook page.

We’ve added a “Known Issues” page to the Help menu of the TuneLings Cloud (this page). This is where we describe known minor problems, and solutions or workarounds when appropriate.