Making TuneLings – Start Here

TuneLings are always made (or “authored”) by skilled musicians, not by chord-guessing algorithms, artifical intelligence, or any other such nonsense. Thats why they’re good!

  • You don’t need a music degree, or virtuoso abilities. If you have a solid understanding of chords and notes (and how to name them), rhythm (time signatures, changing meter, syncopation), and other fundamental concepts, you know enough to make a TuneLing – but you don’t need to know how to read traditional music notation.
  • If you’re good at transcribing – figuring out by ear what is being played in a recording – you can really put that to great use, but it’s OK if you get the chords to a song some other way, as long as they’re correct.
  • You don’t need advanced computer skills, but you should be comfortable with day-to-day Macintosh tasks like editing text, using the Finder, and finding things on the Internet.

Finally, there’s a pleasant surprise: making TuneLings is enjoyable, and will absolutely, positively make you a better musician and/or songwriter. Your ears will improve dramatically from listening analytically to a song, you’ll gain insight into how different songwriters think, and you will really get a kick out of seeing, and playing along with the finished product.

How our author-training is organized:

Our primary tool is a set of videos, intended to be watched in order.

These videos were made several years before TuneLings was released, and there’s been a lot of functional improvements to the App since then. The fundamental information in these videos is still valid, but there are newer features, tips and workflow tactics that aren’t mentioned, a correction or two, and some minor changes to our terminology.

So we’ve re-organized all this information: each video is a single “chapter”, presented on its own web page, with appropriate updated and supplemental information, making it current and more complete.

You can get through it all in no more than a few hours, and be making great TuneLings much sooner than you might think.

Most important – we’re here to help! Please, ask us your questions, make suggestions, complain if necessary, and we will respond as quickly as possible – that’s a promise!

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