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Want to request a new TuneLing?


Drag your copy of the audio file for that song into the song list area of the TuneLings Media Library. If a TuneLing already exists for that song, a button will appear beside it, allowing you to download it immediately.

If there is no TuneLing yet for that song, a Request TuneLing button will appear. Click that button, and we’ll get your request, and the details of the song, so we can ensure that the TuneLing will be correct. When it’s available, the button will change to a Buy TuneLing button, and you can then download it.

During our Beta Test phase, all songs will need to be available from iTunes, so other users can also acquire the correct audio file, and use the same TuneLing. (So please ensure that the version of the song you have is available from iTunes.)

Method 2:

If you don’t have a recording of the chosen song, you can request a TuneLing for it using the form below. You’ll still  need to eventually acquire a copy of the song (ideally, from iTunes), before you can use its TuneLing.

We strongly suggest you use method 1 to request TuneLings!

If you don’t have a recording of the song you want to learn, use the form below, and tell us everything we should know about the song. Please be as accurate as possible when telling us the song name and the artist name! We will make the TuneLing using the version of the song that is available on iTunes.