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Frequently Asked Questions

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No – we love music teachers, and we expect they’ll love TuneLings too, because we increase their income opportunities.

TuneLings can be created by anyone with the knowledge and skill to teach about music, and making a TuneLing is not difficult.

So if you have those skills, please consider becoming a TuneLing author. And remember, the people who make TuneLings get PAID.

Private music teachers can use TuneLings as a learning tool for students they meet with regularly. But of course, many musicians never study with a teacher at all. TuneLings provide a way for those learners to benefit from a teacher’s skill, anywhere, anytime. And those teachers get to connect with students who they otherwise would not reach.

TuneLings are designed to respect copyright. A TuneLing always needs a recording. If a consumer already owns that recording, its TuneLing simply works with it. For recordings we cannot distribute ourselves, we encourage purchase via a legitimate distributor, such as iTunes (we provide purchase links). When we’re authorized to do so, we’ll sell a legal copy of a song, bundled with its TuneLing, for a single price; this actually provides the best user experience.

“Publishing” copyrights, address musical compositions (not the audio recordings of those compositions), and are more complex. When authorized by a song’s publisher, we can make TuneLings with unrestricted features, including elegant synchronized lyrics, and animated melody. When we’re not, we can make TuneLings that show chords without melody, and incorporate lyrics by displaying a licensed web page that displays them. So even without advanced features, most TuneLings fully address the needs (primarily, chords) of the vast majority of learners.

Music copyrights can be extraordinarily complex, but we’re on the side of the artists, songwriters, labels, and publishers, and we want to pay them whenever we should.

You can think of TuneLings like you think of Apps in an App Store. TuneLings are digital products, sold for a price set by the author. We support those authors (and learners) with all necessary software tools, for free, and we provide the marketplace (the TuneLings Store) that brings buyers and sellers together.

It’s a simple, digital retail model – we sell an honest product for an honest price – that’s it. Our business model does not include advertising, or sneakily gathering data about you, to sell to other businesses.

We expect to be profitable, but at the same time, we are commited to paying those who create the products we sell, and copyright owners when applicable – especially artists!

Yes! Here’s why:

The economy of the broader music business has been brutally damaged by new technology, and the people who are really getting hurt are the artists, musicians, songwriters, engineers, producers, and other “creatives” who actually make the product – music itself.

But musicians typically support each other. We buy tickets, recordings, merchandise, and equipment, and go to each others’ shows. And music students (at any level) will pay for training from great teachers. We like to call this the “participation economy” – the collective of all the world’s people who take pleasure in making music – regardless of their skill level.

We want the TuneLings platform to become a hub for that community. TuneLing users will be able to request TuneLings, rate them as to their quality, and discuss their experiences with other users and authors. TuneLing authors will be able to communicate with each other and all of their customers.

We want people to participate in music. We want people singing and playing, bands starting, more recordings made and listened to, more live music, and more interaction between all the parties. We want people who start playing an instrument to keep playing, and to do it with others. We want the barriers to musicianship reduced. We can’t turn back the clock 20 years, so TuneLings is designed for the future. The more vibrant that community is, the better for us all.

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