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In-App HELP Manually installing a TuneLing

Manually Installing A TuneLing Manually installing a Tuneling is easy, but TuneLings purchased from the TuneLings Store automatically install themselves correctly, so you will only need these instructions in unusual situations. Feel free to ignore this page until that happens. Where TuneLings…


FIRST TIME HERE? Step one: take a minute to get familiar with the controls: Find the short list of items on the left side of this app window (the “navigation panel”). The little triangles beside each item will show/hide its…

In-App HELP Keyboard Shortcuts

Transport controls: SPACE – start/stop playback0 (zero) – return to beginning of TuneLing Looping: L, l – create Loop start timeP, p – create looP end timeO, o (letter O) – Turn looping On/Off Numeric keys 1-9 for auto-location: Numeric keys 1-9 correspond to…

In-App HELP Known Issues

Known Issues This page lists the problems/bugs/issues that we are aware of in the TuneLings application, along with workarounds, solutions, etc. If you experience any technical issues with this software, it’s a good idea to check this page first –…

In-App HELP Modifying Views

Creating and Modifying Views Basic concept – the two types of information in a TuneLing Channels: A Channel is a collection of a single type of information, such as lyrics, chords, charts, and more. There is no limit to the number of channels,…

In-App HELP Basic Operation

Basic Operation Controlling Playback Most playback functions can be controlled with both the mouse or keystrokes. See the Keyboard Shortcuts diagram under the Help menu – most people find keystrokes are easier and faster! Play/Pause: the SPACE bar starts and stops playback, just like the Play/Pause button (triangle)…

In-App HELP TuneLings and Audio Files

Basic concepts: TuneLings and Audio Files Relationship between TuneLings and Audio files A TuneLing is a file containing musical information about a recording. The recording associated with a TuneLing is alway contained in a separate, industry-standard audio file (MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.).…